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Pledge a Quest

What is Quest 79

Quest 79 invites you to “Find Your Inner Gold”

Choose a challenge, connected to the number 79 and begin a journey of discovery, adventure and feeling alive!

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey

Be Inspired by these Questers

Gather a team or challenge yourself to 79 hours of activity – exercise, voluntary work – anything you like but it will surely get you out of your comfort zone! The staff team at Precision Hydration did 79 hours of continuous exercise and raised money for charity in the process.

Do something you enjoy 79 times for a whole new experience of commitment and inner strength. Rowan Purrett decided to climb 79 peaks in 79 weeks, getting his family and friends involved in the adventure too.

Commit to a distance like 79 miles or kilometres, and either solo or with a group, take a journey. The Moray Scout Group crossed Scotland, 79 miles from coast to coast by bike and kayak.

Quest 79 Challenges

There are plenty of other inspirational Quests. For other ideas for your personal Quest, see this list of the first 79…

Adam Gorsall
79 burpees for 79 days, 79 days sugar free, 79 letters of sharing love
Alexandra Kriesche
Meditating daily for 79 days, letting go of expectation & developing patience
Alexia Lewis
Picking up litter every day for 79 days for a min of an hour a day & feeling grateful
Ally Meredith
79 swims in 79 days in a sea often at 7.9 degrees!
Andy Murphy
79 days doing the plank for 79 seconds a day

If you would like to help Quest79 please

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13 September 2021

“ATTITUDE” Let’s Discuss With Karen Darke (MBE)

Hello! Welcome to Quest 79's 7th October Monthly Inspirational Event. October is all about "Attitude" and how we choose to approach each aspect of our life.  Come and hear all…
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4 September 2021

A Guide to Previous Quests

Here's how individuals and businesses are taking up their own Quest 79 challenges, finding their inner gold and making new friends along the way. Adam Gorsall – 79 Burpees For 79…
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16 August 2021

QUEST 79 LAUNCH DAY 7th September 2021

On the 7th September 2021 we have a day full of Hope, Inspiration and Possibility for you to get involved in for FREE! This day is all about Quest 79…
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20 July 2021

Previous Quests!

A huge thank you to these inspirational people and teams so far…  Here's a list of some of the Quests completed thus far.  If you're interested in joining us for…
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18 July 2021

79 Hours of Continuous Exercise…..

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19 April 2021

Find Your Inner Gold

WHY QUEST 79 and what does "find your inner gold mean"? Olympic Origins: In 1894 a young French Baron called Pierre de Coubertin, proposed a Quest to revive the Olympics…