Quest 79

We invite you to join us in creating inspiration for the world. 

REGISTER your Quest 79 challenge now and secure your place in making the world a brighter place. We will take you on our flag to the QUEST 79 Pole of Possibility in Antarctica, and we may select you for the special TOP TRUMPS card pack.

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Find Your Inner Gold We invite you to join us in creating inspiration for the world. REGISTER your Quest 79
Project Lead - Karen Darke MBE: Paralympic gold-medallist, Guiness Record holder & adventurer Karen could be described as a modern-day
We aim to inspire thousands of young people around the world to believe in themselves and their dreams, and to
The team will ski from a point near the Antarctic adventure base at Union Glacier, across remote and un-travelled ice
In 2022/3  a small team including:- POLAR GUIDE Dixie Dansercoer, PARALYMPIAN Karen Darke, POLAR ACADEMY graduate Iona Somerville & FILM-MAKER
The team are proud to have the 'World's Greatest Living Explorer', Ranulph Fiennes as The Pole of Possibility patron. Living
What is POP? POP stands for the 'POLE OF POSSIBILITY'. This is a unique Antarctic challenge in which a small
WARNING: This blog is written to bring light and and positivity, but the subject matter begins quite tough. A few
“Sube, sube, sube” Paco kept reminding me. To reach Spain, the road led up, up, up, for about thirty kilometres
It took me a week to arrive. Until I watched the sun sink and burst amber across the foaming surf,