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Here’s how individuals and businesses are taking up their own Quest 79 challenges, finding their inner gold and making new friends along the way.

Adam Gorsall – 79 Burpees For 79 Days, 79 Days Sugar Free, 79 Letters Of Sharing Love
Alexandra Kriesche – Meditating Daily For 79 Days, Letting Go Of Expectation & Developing Patience
Alexia Lewis – Picking Up Litter Every Day For 79 Days For A Minimum Of An Hour A Day & Feeling Grateful
Ally Meredith – 79 Swims In 79 Days In A Sea Often At 7.9 Degrees!
Andy Murphy – 79 days doing the plank for 79 seconds a day
Ann Gash – 79 Days Of A Different Fruit Or Veg, No Chocolate, Cakes, Biscuits Or Sweets To Get Fit For SPARTAN
Archie Darke – 79 Miles Cycle Ride & 79 Km Running In Lockdown
Broadford Primary School – Varied Challenges Connected To No. 79
Bertie Darke – 79 Miles Cycle Ride & 79 Km Running In Lockdown
Carol Skill – Developing Skills For A Difficult Yoga Pose By Practicing For 79 Days
Caroline Coles – A million steps within 79 days ending on the 79th day of the year, raising money for SIA
Cate Caruth – 79 Days Of Sticking To A Food Plan, Work Plan And Contribution To Others Plan
Cath Bunn – 79 Miles Running In A Day
Catriona Macleod – 79 Miles Running In A Day
Chloe Marriage – 79 Miles Cycling With Cerebral Palsy, Raising Funds For SIA Charity
Christine Graham & Kevin Benstead – The Sacred Way Quest 79 Ride Following The River Ganges Across India
Chris Darke – 79 Days Without Any Alcohol
Clare McCaffrey – 79 Days Of Sharing Top Tips Around Building Strong, Connected Relationships
Colin Fanning – 79 Days Of Focused Effort To Create A New Paddle-Boarding Business
Dalton-Morris Family – 79 Km On A Turbo Non-Stop
Darke Family – 79 Mile Cycle Challenge
David Burgess – 79 Magic Tricks For 79 Days Shared On Social Media
David Hannam – 79 Rounds Of Golf To Help People Have Fun Post-Lockdown
Dezzie Willoughby – 79 Days Of Meditation
Doug Low – The Water Way Quest 79 Ride Across Australia
Elaine Mochrie – 79 Swims Between Winter & Summer Solstice
Emma Brookfield – 79 Km Cycling In A Day
Fran Straw – 79 Days Of Writing To Progress (& Maybe Finish!) Her Book
Gairloch High School – A School Quest 79 To Raise Charity Funds For SIA
Georgie Lewis – Posting An Uplifting Song On Her Facebook Every Day For 79 Days & Feeling Uplifted In Doing It!
Glenn Valentin – Paying 79 Compliments To Strangers In A Weekend
Greg Holder – Posting Facts About Marine Conservation Issues For 79 Days
Hall-Crossley Family – 79 Laps Run On An Athletics Track
Helen Winter – 79 Days Of No Refined Sugar & 79 Letters Of Kindness To Residents In Her Local Old People’s Home
Helena Bellini – 79 Times Up ‘Montana Margaret’ Mountain, Mallorca In 6 Weeks & 79 Days Of Litter Picking
Jacqueline Norton – 79 Days Of Running To Recover And Heal Mind-Body Connection Post Breast-Cancer
J.K. Frederick – 79 Days To Complete Her Book That Will Help Others
Jean-Pierre de Villiers – 79 Miles Run Challenge With An ‘Iron’ Body, Raising Funds For An Animal Sanctuary
Jenny’s Day, Jenetta Barry – Using The Arts To Help Mental Wellbeing In A 79 Day Countdown To Jenny’s Day Held On World Mental Health Day On 10th October, And In Memory Of Her Daughter Jenny
Jill Ladd – 79 Animal Flow Instructors Over 79 Days To Create An Animal Flow Jam!
Karen Lee – 79 Days Of To Write A New Recipie Book
Kim Godwin – Walking For At Least An Hour A Day & Giving Up Chocolate & Sweets All For 79 Days
Kirsty O’Connor – Offering 79 Spin Classes On A Donation Basis To Raise Funds For SIA
Launch Online – £79 For Each Employee Of The Business To Start Their Own Quest 79
Laura Costello – 79 Miles In A Peloton On An Indoor Trainer
Lidia Peto – 79 Days Of 7 Mins Live On Facebook And 9 Mins On Insta To Help People With Physical & Mental Tips
Linda Torbet – 79 Days Of A ‘3M’ Challenge: Letting Go Of Material Things, Muscular Tension, Mindset (Unhelpful)
Liz Quarrie – 79 Days Of Running To Lose 79 Pounds Of Weight
Lucienne Ritzen – Read For 79 Minutes A Day To Educate Self More
Luke Meeseman – 79 Days Building Up To 79 Press-Ups
Luke Newman – 79 Days Of Meditation
Lynne Joiner – 79 Days Of Self-Compassion
Mags Millburn – Try 79 New Recipies To Develop Healthier Eating Habits & Inspire Others To Do The Same
Mark Murray – 79 Days Without Diet Coke
Mark Pitcher, Smash The Box – 79 Blood Donors & A Marathon
Mandy-Jayne Lace – 79 Days Of Indoor Wheelchair Training To Take Part In A Charity Relay Across The UK
Mayah Riaz – 79 Days Of The Plank For 79 Seconds A Day
Messy Rainbows Podcast – 79 Podcast Episodes By Two Sisters Ages 7 And 9 To Help Other Kids With Messy Heads During Lockdown
Mike Armstrong – 79 Days Running A Non-Stop Small Social Clubhouse Room
Mike Darke — 79 Miles Cycling For 79 Years
Milo Darke – 79 Miles Cycle Ride & 79 Km Running In Lockdown
Moray Scouts – 79 Miles Of The Great Glen Way By Bike / Kayak
Niall Urquhart – The Express Way Quest 79 Ride Of The Pacific From Canada – Mexico & Losing 79 Pounds In Weight
Nick Hounsfield – Planting 79 Trees, 79 Acts Of Kindness & £79 To Charity
Nichola Curran – 79 Days Of You Tube Videos To Help People Grow Their Fitness Businesses
Our Messy Rainbows – 79 Podcasts By Two Sisters (6& 9 Years Old) To Help Kids With ‘Messy Heads’ During Covid
Patel Family – 7.9 Km Kids Cycle Challenge
Pete Cohen – 79 Days Of ‘How To Create Your Fantastic Future’ Clubhouse Room, Transforming 79 People’s Lives
Petrolene Roux – 79 Pro-Bono Coaching Sessions To Help People Make Positive Change
Precision Hydration – 79 Hours Of Exercise Starting At 7.09am On Day 7/9 Of The Year, Raising Funds For SIA Charity
Rachel Earing – 79 Energy Healings In 79 Hours On The 79th Day (March 20th 2021)
Reddiford School – 7.9 Km Kids Cycle Challenge
Robin Walker – Getting Out Of Bed 5 Mins Earlier Each Day For 79 Days (Aiming To Arrive At 4.45am) To Create Massive Habit Change And Healthy Morning Routines
Roseanna Croft – 79 Days Of Jewellery Rendering Techniques To Produce A Piece With 79 Diamonds Set In Gold
Rowan Purrett – 79 Peaks In 79 Weeks, Raising Funds For An African Children’s Charity
Ryan Nurse – 79 Thank You Messages To People For Helping & Supporting Him
Sam Sene – Drawing People’s Futures – Future Mapping – As Many People As She Can In 79 Days
Sarah Seraphin – Learn To Play The Ukulele Within 79 Hours
Simon Pankhurst – 79 Km Cycling In A Day With Diabetes And A Degenerative Nerve Condition
Stefan Blom – An Early, Daily Walk For An Hour & Taking A Picture Of The Same View 79 Times To Create A Collage
Stoneyhurst School – 79 Laps Of The Athletic Track By School X-Country Team
The Handlebras – 79 Km Women’s Bike Ride
Tina Davenport – 79 Km Walk
Tricia Thompson – 79 Days Of Journalling & 79 seconds of press-ups a day
Walter Iturbide – 79 Times Cycling Uphill To Bonanyes Monastery In 6 Weeks
Woon Tan – 79 Days Of Journalling

Why not join in?! Read more at Quest 79 Challenges

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