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Welcome to Quest 79’s

4th November

Monthly Inspirational Event.


November is all about “Belief” and how we can expand our spotlight of belief. It is all too easy to shrink our beliefs and diminish ourselves and the possibilities for our lives. But our belief determines our possible action, which then determines our results.

Come and hear all about “Belief” with Karen Darke (MBE) and let’s discuss together how we can challenge our limiting beliefs and expand them further for discovery of more Inner Gold!

Each month Quest 79 will be holding a virtual event where you can come and meet some of the world’s most inspirational people online.

People from all around the world join these sessions and share their inspirational stories to light us up & educate us in how global changes are impacting on real people’s lives and how they overcome adversity.

You are invited to share this space via Zoom.

Question and Answer time is available and also a period of speed networking towards the end of the session.

This is time for our community to come together and share ideas, visions, and golden moments.

Karen Darke

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