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Here are some inspirational stories.

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12 October 2021

Quests Pledged In September 2021

Let's give a huge shout of out of support and congratulations to all our beautiful members below who have pledge their quest in September. Some have already completed their wonderful…
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13 September 2021

“ATTITUDE” Let’s Discuss With Karen Darke (MBE)

Hello! Welcome to Quest 79's 7th October Monthly Inspirational Event. October is all about "Attitude" and how we choose to approach each aspect of our life.  Come and hear all…
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4 September 2021

A Guide to Previous Quests

Here's how individuals and businesses are taking up their own Quest 79 challenges, finding their inner gold and making new friends along the way. Adam Gorsall – 79 Burpees For 79…
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16 August 2021

QUEST 79 LAUNCH DAY 7th September 2021

On the 7th September 2021 we have a day full of Hope, Inspiration and Possibility for you to get involved in for FREE! This day is all about Quest 79…