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In March our Quest 79 monthly event was all about fear and how to transmute it. A small group of us gathered on zoom to explore this topic, and we had a wonderful conversation.

This is an important topic to dive into because fear can hold us back from experiencing and achieving so many things in our lives.

Between us we shared some of our fears: fear of water, of public speaking, fear of being in a relationship to fear of being alone. The core ideas beneath our conversation brought us to consider two approaches to navigating fear.

Approach 1 – Using our logical brain

Using our logical brain allows us to reason with ourselves. From this logical place we can acknowledge that if others can step into certain situations, then we can too, and cognitively reframe our situation to seek the possible benefits of our stepping into our fear.

Approach 2 – Subconscious work

When it comes to fear on a subconscious level, being still with it through mindfulness or meditation or hypnosis or any awareness practice, allows us to explore the resistance that may lie beneath our fears.

We can ask ourselves open, curious questions about what it would take to dissolve the fear at the deepest level. Then without seeking answers, we can allow things to shift and unfold at an energetic level.

Connected to the topic of fear, I’ve recently posted a blog over on my website:

Don’t let fear hold you back from going for the things you want. Your life is happening right now and is wanting to be lived and experienced in its fullest expression!

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