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WHY QUEST 79 and what does “find your inner gold mean”?

Olympic Origins:

In 1894 a young French Baron called Pierre de Coubertin, proposed a Quest to revive the Olympics every 4 years. 79 delegates from nine countries unanimously  proposed his idea, and in 1896 the first Modern Olympic Games were run in Athens, the capital of Greece.

The three medals they introduced were made from metal and had a significant representation:

  • The Gold medal represented the period when men lived among the gods;
  • The Silver medal represented the period where youth lasted a hundred years
  • The Bronze medal represented the era of heroes.


Karen Darke MBE created Quest 79 before it evolved into Quest 79 CIC – she is our ‘Golden Girl’ and main ‘heroic figurehead’. She could be described as a modern-day ‘Alchemist’; her life committed to exploring what is possible when the right mindset, commitment and good people come together. An adventurer, athlete, speaker and author, Karen’s purpose is about inspiring and impacting and about turning challenge into opportunity. At the age of 21, a life-changing accident led Karen to become paralysed from the chest-down. She embarked on a ‘heroic quest’ to find new ways to access the wilderness and outdoors; and has since hand-cycled across the world’s biggest mountain ranges and alongside some of the longest rivers, sit-skied across the Greenland icecap and climbed the iconic rock-face of El Capitan.

On the 7/9th at the 2012 London Paralympics British Athlete Karen Darke, (a qualified gold geologist) attempted to share the Bronze Medal Position (another heroic gesture – and the bronze medal epitomized this ‘new era of heroes’).

She further journeyed on to win a Gold Medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics (it was coincidentally the 79th medal won by Team GB).

This link to the number 79 inspired Karen to form ‘Quest 79’ and embark on a further quest to share her story about how her ‘inner golden self’ overcame physical, mental and emotional challenges. She chose to spread the word by cycling across 7 continents in 9 rides to raise money for The Spinal Injuries Association.

Karen inspired others to find their ‘Inner Gold’, and Quests are emerging around the globe that are helping to enhance the health and happiness of individuals, communities and environment.

Karen’s journey is unique – but so is yours. Everyone has something inspirational in their life that may be shared to support someone’s journey. Find your inner gold and share your story . . .

Quest 79 CIC:

OUR MISSION: Inspiring humanity to find and share their inner gold.

OUR VISION: QUEST 79 CIC improves levels of personal and community connection, wellbeing and positivity – inspiring collective change and possibility.

Karen has now retired from competitive sport to focus on the final part of her ‘Hero’s Journey’. She has co-founded Quest 79 CIC with other Hero’s with tales to tell (Rachel Earing & Marcus Pearson).

 Whilst Karens focus is to inspire and encourage others to take up a Quest ‘linked to the number 79’; Rachel and Marcus seek to encourage you to perhaps go a little further – to find and live as your true self (your ‘inner gold’), to raise your consciousness and support others.

Our ‘Golden Trio’ and other Inner Gold Guides invite you to take your own Hero’s journey by joining us as a Quest 79 CIC Member.

QUEST 79 CIC BRONZE MEMBER: You sign up to take a personal Quest and become a ‘Quest 79er’.

  • You join our social media & Facebook group – ALL FOR FREE.
  • Access our online weekly engagement sessions – ALL FOR FREE.
  • Access all the events, workshops, services and courses our members offer at reduced prices.

We encourage you to create fundraising activities for your Quest, with a minimum of 50% of any fundraising activities donated to the ongoing work of Quest 79, and the remainder going to any charity or cause of your choice.

QUEST 79 CIC SILVER MEMBER: Start as a Bronze Member and additionally contribute £7.90/month or £79.00/year to the CIC.

QUEST 79 CIC GOLD MEMBER: Start as a Bronze Member, progress to a Silver Member and additionally:

  • Further develop Quest 79 CIC membership and support new members with fundraising.
  • We support you promote any venture of your own that is beneficial for our members;

QUEST 79 INNER GOLD GUIDES: Such appointements are only available on application or by invitation. In addition to being a Silver Member you will be eager to support the Directors in the management and co-ordination of:

  • Challenges and fundraising, sponsorships and donations (Karen Darke)
  • Memberships, events, workshops, services and courses (Rachel Earing)
  • Projects between members and the wider community (Marcus Pearson)

Such activity may arise because of your experience, skills and wisdom and / or because you have specific geographic or cicrumstantial benefits that enhance our value.


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