QUEST 79 – Tuesday 7th Sepember

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Q79 Clubhouse Speakers 7.9.21

Live in the Winners Club

Clubhouse from 0900 – 1900 Hours

As our 79 Inner Gold Guides around the World complete their workshops and inspiration talks, Karen Darke & Rachel Earing will be live with James Burtt & Pete Cohen, in the Winners Club reporting all things Quest 79!


This Golden Day is a gift from Rachel Earing as she gathered together with Karen Darke 79 Inner Gold Guides to spread Golden threads of happiness and hope around the world,

It follows on from her inital 79 Healings on the 79th Day of the year.  You see when you get involved with Quest 79 you just want to keep on the journey.

We now have 23 countries being represented by our Inner Gold Guides and you have the opportunity to be involved in their Workshops / Talks and Activities on the day.

It is an interactive day so once you’ve joined below goto the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS and click on the link to join.  (All in UK GMT time)

Replays are available for some of the workshops.


For All Inner Gold Guide links to Workshop Zooms, Facebook Groups and more please Join above and you will have immediate access to all available content on the day.

Please note some of the events are face to face or closed workshops due to sensitive content.

Many Inner Gold Guides are offering deep dive work for this day, so please book quickly for last minute access!

Discover what individuals and organisations around the world are experiencing with Quest 79 challenges here….

Precision Hydration Quest 79

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