POP Flag

Explorer and Paralympic athlete Karen Darke is the founder of Quest 79 Inspirational Challenges. More of the story is available at www.karendarke.com/quest-79/ . After winning gold, the 79th medal for her country in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Karen launched Quest 79 and her quest was to raise £79K for The Spinal Injuries Association charity, whilst cycling across 7 continents in 9 rides on her handbike. The last continent remains: Antarctica. Karen and he team are going to journey to 79 degrees latitude and longitude in the icy continent, a journey of 79 nautical miles each way, to create the POLE OF POSSIBILITY. The team will plant a flag there with the names of all the people: individuals, families, schools or teams who have joined in the Quest 79 Challenges. The most inspiring or unusual stories will also have the chance to feature on a TOP TRUMP card in a special edition Top Trumps Quest 79 card pack. Inspire yourselves and inspire those around you. We all need some of that right now!

A huge thank you to these inspirational people and teams so far…

Archie Darke – 79 miles cycle ride & 79 km running in lockdown
Broadford Primary School – varied challenges connected to no. 79
Bertie Darke – 79 miles cycle ride & 79 km running in lockdown
Cath Bunn – 79 miles running in a day
Catriona Macleod – 79 miles running in a day
Christine Graham & Kevin Benstead – The Sacred Way Quest 79 ride following the River Ganges across India
Chris Darke – 79 days without any alcohol
Dalton-Morris Family – 79 km on a turbo non-stop
Darke Family – 79 mile cycle challenge
Doug Low – The Water Way Quest 79 ride across Australia
*Elaine Adam – 79 swims between winter & summer solstice
Emma Brookfield – 79 km cycling in a day
Hall-Crossley Family – 79 laps run on an athletics track
*Helena Bellini – 79 times up ‘Montana Margaret’ mountain, Mallorca within 3 months
Liz Quarrie – 79 days of running to lose 79 pounds of weight
Mark Murray – 79 days without Diet Coke
Mark Pitcher, Smash The Box – 79 blood donors & a marathon
Marriage Family – 79 mile cycle challenge with Cerebral Palsy
Mike Darke — 79 miles cycling for 79 years
Milo Darke – 79 miles cycle ride & 79 km running in lockdown
Moray Scouts – 79 miles of the Great Glen Way by bike / kayak
Niall Urquhart – The Express Way Quest 79 ride of the Pacific from Canada – Mexico & losing 79 pounds in weight
Patel Family – 7.9 km kids cycle challenge
Reddiford School – 7.9 km kids cycle challenge
Rowan Purrett – 79 peaks in 79 weeks
Simon Pankhurst – 79 km cycling in a day
Stoneyhurst School – 79 laps of the athletic track by school x-country team
The Handlebras – 79 km women’s bike ride

Why not join in?! Read more at Quest 79 Challenges

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