POP – The Pole of Possibility

What is POP?

POP stands for the ‘POLE OF POSSIBILITY’.

This is a unique Antarctic challenge in which a small diverse team will journey to 79 degrees latitude and longitude, in the heart of the wild icy Antarctic continent, so share an important message: of hope and possibility through these challenging global times. The project is in partnership with The Polar Academy, and embodying the value of inspiration through exploration.

Project values?

The POP values accidentally spell ICE which seems perfect for an Antarctic challenge.

I : INNER GOLD – the resilience, strengths, and golden, confidence-giving qualities we all have inside us.

C : CONNECTION – when we do something surprising we inspire those around us; we help each other be better versions of ourselves.

E : ENVIRONMENT – the role of nature in human & planetary wellbeing & our responsibility to enjoy, appreciate & protect it.


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