Quest 79 has its own TOP TRUMPS family card game! It’s the UK’s number 1 card game, and a great way to spread the inspiration of Quest 79 projects in a fun and interactive way. Quester’s stories are represented on the cards, with diverse and interesting Quests that are sure to get you thinking and creating your own ideas.

Quest 79 Bhutan is a first step in taking people on extraordinary quests of discovery.

Bhutan is a unique Himalayan kingdom, where happiness is measured over materialism, and where compassion is woven into the fabric of life. Bhutan’s landscapes, cultures and traditions inspire transformational change. We believe that when things change for the better within us, then things change for the better in our external world too.

This journey to Bhutan has been designed in partnership with MyBhutan, an established boutique social enterprise with unprecedented access to ‘deeper’ Bhutan, founded with His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck. Please contact if you are interested to join u 14-25th April 2022 (Covid developments dependent!)

A unique, inspiring Antarctic journey

POP stands for the ‘POLE OF POSSIBILITY’. The mission is to create an inspirational legacy, a point on the planet that represents possibility – individual and collaborative – to solve big challenges across the spectrum: from personal trauma to the climate crisis.

A diverse team of 5 led by Paralympic athlete and Quest 79 Founder Karen Darke, will journey into the wilderness of Antarctica to create this new Pole. The POLE OF POSSIBILITY will be at the intersection of 79, 79 degrees latitude and longitude, representing the ‘gold’ – the gifts and opportunity – of exploration, of caretaking our natural environment, and of embracing differences and working resiliently towards a common goal.

“Possibility is a state of mind. When we change our mind we have the ability to change our reality, and our positive action ripples out and impacts the world around us.”. Karen Darke MBE

The ‘POLE OF POSSIBILITY’ is the last of the original Quest 79 challenges by founder Karen Darke to cycle / journey the length of rivers and oceans on 7 continents, and in partnership with the The Polar Academy – an organisation doing life-transforming work with young people, embodying the value of inspiration through exploration.

Meet the team here. The ‘World’s Greatest Living Explorer’, Ranulph Fiennes is The Pole of Possibility patron. Living a life of adventure and a quest for the limits of what’s possible, Sir Ranulph is a perfect patron for the Pole of Possibility. In his words, “Nothing is impossible for those who dare”.

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