Quest 79 Inspirational Challenges:

Find Your Inner Gold

We invite you to join us in creating inspiration for the world. REGISTER your Quest 79 challenge now and secure your place in making the world a brighter place. We will take you on our flag to the QUEST 79 Pole of Possibility in Antarctica, and we may select you for the special TOP TRUMPS card pack.

“Possibility is a state of mind. When we change our mind we have the ability to change our reality. Our actions ripple out and inspire those around us. Positive action catches like a virus, and before you know it, your light twinkles and everyone around you lights up.”

Karen Darke MBE

Choose something you would like to do – that will stretch you, but excite you – and embark on a new challenge. When we step out of our ‘normal’, when we stretch ourselves in some way, or give to others, we discover something new. We find a piece of gold inside ourselves: a strength, passion or quality the we had lost or never realised we had. Explore here for some ideas to inspire you. If you sign up you we will include you on the POP flag and if your idea is particularly unique you may even have your very own TOP TRUMPS card created as part of our special edition Quest 79 Top Trumps card pack!

Why 79? 79 is the atomic number of gold, and the project an important reminder that when we work with our INNER GOLD*, then ordinary people can do extraordinary things. When we have courage to do something new and step out of our comfort zones, we expand possibilities in a ripple effect. We inspire those around us and spread positive waves from our personal level, to our local communities and then around the world.

Explorer and Paralympic athlete Karen Darke is the founder of Quest 79 Inspirational Challenges. More of the story is available at After winning gold, the 79th medal for her country in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Karen launched Quest 79 and her quest was to raise £79K for The Spinal Injuries Association charity, whilst cycling across 7 continents in 9 rides on her handbike. The last continent remains: Antarctica. Karen and he team are going to journey to 79 degrees latitude and longitude in the icy continent, a journey of 79 nautical miles each way, to create the POLE OF POSSIBILITY. The team will plant a flag there with the names of all the people: individuals, families, schools or teams who have joined in the Quest 79 Challenges.

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