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On the 7th September 2021 we have a day full of Hope, Inspiration and Possibility for you to get involved in for FREE!

This day is all about Quest 79 giving back to communities around the world as we move forward into new possibilities with an open mind about what we can build together, share together and create together.

Our 79 Inner Gold Guides will be delivering to you from 0700 – 2100 on the 7th September 2021.  Most of them are through closed workshops on Zoom, Facebook groups or face to face.  You will need to sign up to participate.

Join Karen Darke, Rachel Earing, Pete Cohen, Tal Ben Shahar, Matthew De Santis, Adam Cox, Samantha Jayne, Brad Yates and many more in over 22 countries as they share their knowledge, skills and tips to enhance your life moving forward towards your inner gold.

If you prefer your workshop in German, French or Lithuanian you have a wide range to choose from as we create this beautiful ripple effect of positivity around the world on this special day.

To find out more and download the event programme click the Sign Me Up button.



(free to join but donations welcome)

We will be reporting live on Clubhouse from 0900 – 1900 hours as our Launch Day gets into full swing, where you will be able to hear from some of our 79 Inner Gold Guides as they share with us how their workshops and talks are being received.

You will be hear from previous Quester’s who have completed their mammoth Quests over the last few years.  Cycling around around the Himalayas; 79 days litter picking; 79 day marine projects; 79 peaks in 79 weeks; 79 healings  and Karen’s final part of the 7 Continent visits with 9 Cycles to the Antarctica in 2022 with the Pole of Possibility, plus so much more.

Find out how Quest 79 is moving forward and how you can be involved as an individual or collaborate with us as an organisation.

We’re going to have fun, get to know each other on a whole new level, and even raise some funds for Quest 79 to keep supporting everyone on their deep dive into their inner gold.

We’ve been told we’re contagious!  In the best possible way of course!

Join in the fun and sign in below.

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